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Sadko Consulting

Sadko Consulting is a leading Ukrainian consulting company, with wide range of services for international clients, governmental agencies, IFI’s, local corporate clients. We make business easier and explore new opportunities in Ukraine for local and foreign companies.


improve the standards of advisory services, impact and efficiency of consulting. 

Vision 2020

Great advisory for achievement of business goals 

Company history

Momentum to establish Sadko Consulting was the reaction on changed business and political environment in Ukraine and step toward EU integration. As any new way has prospects ahead, the truth is that all that processes need to be supported for both sides. We put together the team of proven professional in finances and international project management with purpose to implement and support international investment projects, foreign direct investments, mergers and acquisitions, and other international transactions, where on part is Ukrainian body.

We want to bring the best international experience, smart money and technologies to Ukraine from all over the World.

As company, we were established in late of 2014. Since then, we improved our team, gained company portfolio, mastered our services and solutions, acquired international partners and advisors. We believe that one day soon Sadko Consulting will become the “number 1” consulting company of Ukraine.

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